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Optimized solutions for airlines

Sunferry aviation helps you in the implementation of structures and workflows, taking individually specified conditions into consideration. In order to stay competitive, a strong service partner that is able to meet the high demands required within the IT-industry is needed.

Sunferry aviation offers a variety of cross referencing solutions to support tailor made, smooth  business processes that guarantee the optimal use of your resources.

The acceleration of  your companies internal and external processes, as well as the fulfillment of any individual needs you may have is our priority, process support is therefore only the beginning.

Through the combination of IT know-how and process knowledge from the airline and aviation industry, sunferry aviation, as your service partner is able to offer you consultation, development and implementation from one source.

Specializing in IT-services sunferry aviation will, on request and based on the Business Process Outsourcing accept full responsibility, this is also possible for a sub or part process of your overall business process.

Comprehensive security is our highest priority. You can therefore trust that your sensitive, confidential data and company-relevant processes are in good hands with us. Our holistic safety concept ensures the maximum level of data protection and data integrity.