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Welcome to sunferry aviation

For many years sunferry has defined itself as a reliable „First Class“ provider in the aviation industry.
Therefore our service for airlines is not just referring to solutions within the service sector, but also  offers extensive project management as well as strategic system development. Especially worth mentioning is the database system „Coppala“, which was designed and developed by sunferry in early 2011.

Due to an increasing demand for intelligent solutions in the monitoring and reporting of specific services, we have set our primary objective to resolving these requirements with innovative new systems individually designed and developed by us based on customer needs.

In addition to providing traditional outsourcing services we also offer highly efficient, individual documentation solutions corresponding to the respective service. For example, having reporting figures generated for the entire duration of each project, offering customers the utmost transparency in the service provided to them.

Through the development of new systems and the, „Everything from one source“ – strategy, we have managed to reach an increasing differentiation in the market, resulting in the benefit of a significant cost reduction for you as our customer.

Ground Handling Solutions
About us

Since its establishment in 2004 sunferry aviation has been a key service partner for many of the world’s largest airlines.


The team at sunferry aviation is there for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.